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Find Me At: Tarpon Springs First Friday (My First!)

I think we’ve established that I love my shop. I love turning wood. I love making the things that pop into my head.

My “introvert card” might pulled over this one, but I really like craft shows and fairs, too. I’ve done a few since last fall at the Florida Estates Winery and a new one for Tampa Bay Cat Alliance. My next one isn’t a new event, but it is new to me:

Tarpon Springs First Friday

Vendors line up in downtown Tarpon Springs and people from all over walk through, find something good to eat, get themselves a drink, and hopefully find a gift or a unique item they can’t live without. I’ve been a few times and told myself I wanted to be a part of it as a vendor at some point.

That time has arrived. On Friday, April 7, my little (blue not red) wagon and I will arrive with tables, tableclothes, signs, and my entire inventory to see what the locals think of my woodworking. If it’s like previous shows, I’ll probably have to explain a few things:

No, I don’t work for a manufacturer.

Yes, I made all of these by hand.

Yes, the pens, bottle openers, wine stoppers, and brushes work.

It’s pretty cool to see someone’s eyes light up when they hold something I’ve made, amazed at the wood grain or that a person can actually make such a thing. Of course, when they pull out their wallet to buy something, that’s even better.

Are you a Tampa Bay local? Look for me in downtown Tarpon Springs on April 7, 2017!