Sapele Touch Stylus Twist Pen


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The best of both worlds combined into one; a pen on one side and a soft rubber stylus for your Smartphone or tablet.
The top and bottom are made with turned exotic Sapele and finished with a long lasting Shellac based finish.

Slim, comfortable and light in your hand you can go from writing a note to tapping or making notes on your phone or tablet.
The rubber tip stylus protects your screen from scratches and smudges.
Works on Android, iPhone and all capacitive touch screens.

Metal: Chrome/Black
Barrel Type: Sapele
Length: 5.5 inch
Weight: 0.85 ounces
Pen type: Cross
Ink Color: Black

Pen stand not included.

Additional information

Weight 1.20 oz
Dimensions 5.50 × 0.50 × 0.50 in


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