Rollerball Pen with Magnetic Cap




A rollerball pen with magnetic cap.

Do you like the elegance of a stylish pen? The smooth flawless writing of a rollerball pen writing tip? What about all that combined into a more modern styled pen?

If you said yes then this is the pen for you.

Big on style and comfort this pen delivers. Inside is a Schneider 0.5 mm rollerball ink cartridge for a smooth writing experience.

What really sets this pen apart from any others is the magnetic cap. The cap posts to the nib and the top of the pen with a magnet. The magnet is strong enough to hold tight to the pen without needing extreme force to remove it. See the video below where I demonstrate how the cap works.

A beautiful pen that has hexagon styling and looks great with different types of wood or acrylic. The pen parts are available in Gun Metal, Chrome, 24kt Gold, and brushed satin. This same style is also available with a fountain pen tip. The pens are finished with a CA (acrylic finish) which allows the colors and grain of the wood used to shine through yet protects it from dulling and damage for many years to come.

Contact me if you would like a custom made version of this pen with the wood or acrylic of your choice.




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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Magnetic Vertex

Purple and White Grapevine, Tigerwood


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