Lidded Boxes




Lidded boxes made from various types of wood.

The wood used for these boxes are made from wood that had been salvaged from trees that have fallen from storms or had been cut down.
The wood was then cut and cured which prevents cracks.

Once on the lathe the boxes are then rough turned, which means the general shape is formed. The wood is then put through a second drying process. As wood dries and loses water it will warp slightly. The second drying allows the wood to move. The second drying process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to allow the wood to become stable. Each piece is weighed weekly, once the weight stays stable it is ready to go back on the lathe for final turning.

All of the lidded boxes are made from a single piece of wood. Meaning the bottom and the lid are from from one piece. Each lidded box is unique as no templates are used, each box is different.

These lidded boxes make great gifts or use them for change, jewelry, keepsakes, office supplies, or some candy when the urge hits.


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Lidded Boxes

Camphor, Camphor Ambonya, Indian Rosewood, Maple Tulipwood


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